What To Know About Security Systems For Your Apartment


When renting an apartment, many people don't think about securing their home with more than just the window and door locks. However, protecting your home even further is important. You don't have to install a fancy security system that would require installing wiring through the walls of your apartment, but there are still options that can keep you safer in your rented out space. Here's what to know about security systems for your apartment:

14 July 2015

3 Regular Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Security System Functioning Properly


All security systems are going to need some regular maintenance to ensure that they continue to protect your home and your family. The main control panel of your security system should be helping you to keep track of how well your security system is functioning overall. However, you should also be performing a few inspections on your own that will help you to keep up with everything that your security system needs.

10 July 2015

4 Tips For Troubleshooting Home Security Alarms


Whether you're new to owning an alarm system or you've had one for years, it can be jarring when the system starts operating in an odd manner. Your alarm system might start going off for seemingly no reason or the control panel might be making odd noises. Regardless, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to correct the problem on your own. Check Each Zone When the alarm goes off, it's possible that the culprit could be an open window or door in one of your alarm's zones.

2 July 2015

Three Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Secure


Having a surveillance system installed in your home, like those from Faith Enterprises LLC, is a smart investment to make for the safety and protection of not only your family, but also for your treasured possessions. Although the system will provide the first line of defense, you can't go wrong with taking on a few other projects that will send a clear message to burglars that you won't be a victim. Although some common-sense projects such as installing exterior lights connected to motion detectors can be valuable, there are some other steps that are just as useful.

30 June 2015

3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Vacation


If you plan on going on vacation in the next couple of weeks, there are a few things you will want to do in order to prepare your home. Preparing your home for your vacation is going to ensure that your home does not become a target of a break in while you are away. Many burglars target homes they know are unoccupied due to tell-tale signs that the owners have been away.

26 June 2015