Have An Emergency Fire Hose Reel At Your Place Of Business? Don't Make These Big Mistakes


One of the more logical ways to combat most forms of fire is with water, which is why having a fire hose reel on hand is such a logical business security move. These hoses collapse and roll into a compact form that can easily be mounted in a small cabinet in a central location where it is also attached to a water supply. Therefore, if a small fire breaks out, pretty much anyone would have access to a watering hose to combat the flames, which could essentially keep a small far from spreading out of hand and creating a catastrophe. If you have a fire hose reel in your place of business, it is best to avoid these common mistakes. 

Mistake: Not training employees on how to use the fire hose in an emergency. 

Why? Not every situation should be attempted to resolve with a fire hose. If you are facing a massive fire situation in a place of business, the most important thing to do will be to get everyone to safety outside. If employees are untrained where fire safety is concerned and when would be an appropriate time to use the hose, they may get themselves in a dangerous situation by trying to extinguish a fire that is far too out of control already. 

Mistake: Not having the fire hose replaced every so often. 

Why? Fire hoses are created from a tough rubber material that is resilient to dry rot and damage, but eventually the hose will start to break down with age. It is best to have your fire hose checked for damage or deterioration annually along with the other fire safety features on the property. In the event of a fire, a damaged hose would be of no help at all. 

Mistake: Using the fire hose for purposes other than an emergency. 

Why? Because the fire hose is located in a convenient location where another water source may not be readily available, you may be tempted to use the hose for something other than a fire, such as filling a water tank or even watering the landscape through a window. In some places, you can actually face fines if you are caught using a fire hose for any other purpose than a fire in your place of business. Plus, the more often you use the fire hose, the more likely it will be that it sustains damage and is unusable in the event of an emergency. 

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1 November 2016

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A couple of years ago, two men broke into three churches in my neighborhood one night. During their horrible escapade, they stole expensive cameras and musical instruments. They also committed thousands of dollars of vandalism damage at these three places of worship. After finding out about this unspeakable act, my whole community was shaken. Sadly, none of these churches had security systems on the night of this savage event. If you are the pastor of a place of worship, you should seriously consider installing a state-of-the-art security system at your church. On this blog, you will discover the best types of security systems to install at a place of worship.