3 Reasons Every Motel Owner Needs A Close Working Relationship With A Commercial Locksmith


Think about the types of businesses that have the most doors and locks and any business in hospitality will likely come to mind. As a motel owner, you could have dozens of rooms with their own locking access points. Therefore, having a good working relationship with a local commercial locksmith will be an important thing. Take a look at some of the reasons every motel owner needs to have a commercial locksmith service they trust. 

Periodically updating and upgrading room locks is important 

The longer you keep the same locks on all of the motel room doors, the more of a chance that they could be compromised. If you use traditional lock-and-key systems, changing the locks periodically is good for guest security and to prevent non-paying guests from accessing rooms because they have made a duplicate key. If you have advanced card-key systems, even those need periodic updates and upgrades. A commercial locksmith can assess your setup and help you determine what changes should be made. 

Key losses are a common problem among extended-stay guests 

Extended-stay guests are perhaps more common at motel settings, and as beneficial as this is for steady revenue, it can bring about a few issues. One example is guests who lose their room keys while they are staying in the room. Of course, most motel owners keep duplicates on-site for lost keys, but you will still need to get new replacement keys for the guest to keep or have the lock changed. These are things the locksmith can help you achieve. 

Locksmiths offer guidance for motel security beyond the rooms 

There are multiple points of the average motel layout that need rightful lock-and-key protection or some level of security. If you work closely with a good commercial locksmith service as a motel owner, you can always get good advice about changes and implements that can make the property more secure overall. For example, the locksmith can help you: 

  • Install the best locking mechanisms on safes and cash drawers 
  • Make sure the manager's office is secure with locks and window barriers 
  • Implement emergency exit devices on doors in the office 

The locksmith is a skilled professional with a lot of insight to offer, especially in a commercial space where security is often an even bigger concern. Take the time to ask for a quick consultation to find out how your motel business could be improved beyond the rooms. 

To learn more about this topic, reach out to a local commercial locksmith.


4 March 2020

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