Have An Emergency Fire Hose Reel At Your Place Of Business? Don't Make These Big Mistakes


One of the more logical ways to combat most forms of fire is with water, which is why having a fire hose reel on hand is such a logical business security move. These hoses collapse and roll into a compact form that can easily be mounted in a small cabinet in a central location where it is also attached to a water supply. Therefore, if a small fire breaks out, pretty much anyone would have access to a watering hose to combat the flames, which could essentially keep a small far from spreading out of hand and creating a catastrophe.

1 November 2016

4 Tips For Small Business Owners Fighting Vandalism


Dealing with graffiti and vandalism as a small business owner can be a frustrating and expensive problem. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent it from being an ongoing problem. The following tips can help you fight against the vandals and protect your business. Tip #1: Clean it up Although it can be tempting to ignore small graffiti tags or minor vandalism, this simply signals to the perpetrators that you don't care and that they can keep doing what they have been doing without repercussions.

26 July 2016