3 Benefits of Investing in Access Control Solutions for Your Business


Gone are the days when traditional lock and key mechanisms were the primary means of keeping a commercial space secure. Thanks to recent advancements in technology, business owners can now benefit from access control solutions. These electronic systems are designed to allow the administrator to authorize or deny entry. These services come in handy as a means of restricting access to sensitive areas.  They can also allow you to grant access based on an employee's role in your company.

20 July 2021

Why Should You Consider Installing A Surveillance System In Your Factory?


Video surveillance has become a necessary fixture in both public and private premises for very good reasons. It deters crimes, enables the tracing of events, and helps solve criminal cases and civil disputes. Video surveillance systems are core to an effective security system. A few years back, video surveillance systems were expensive. But they have become quite affordable, while their technical capabilities have improved. Why is it a good idea to have video surveillance in your factory?

24 March 2021