5 Home Security Devices For A Home With Seniors Or Kids


It's no secret that kids and seniors can be vulnerable to crime. But did you know that a home security system can help protect them both? Seniors can be taken advantage of both financially and physically, while kids can engage in self-harming activities like playing with fire. A good home security system will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe. Here are five home security systems that can work well in such a home:

1. Biometric Locks 

Biometric locks use fingerprint or retinal scans to ensure that only authorized users can enter the home. This prevents criminals from being able to pick the lock or trick their way into the home. 

Biometric locks can also be programmed to automatically lock the doors when everyone is away from the home, providing an extra layer of security. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that biometric locks are becoming a popular choice for families with young children and seniors.

2. Remote-View Security Cameras

Remote-view security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your loved ones even when you're not at home. With a remote-view security camera, you can check in on your kids while they're playing in the yard, or make sure that your elderly parent is taking their medication. You can even set up the cameras to send you alerts if someone enters your home while you're away.

3. Glass-Shatter Burglar Alarms

This alarm will sound when the glass on a window or door is broken, alerting you and your family to the danger. In addition, the glass-shatter burglar alarm will also send a signal to the police, who can then respond quickly to the scene. This is an especially important home security feature for homes with seniors or young children, who may not be able to call for help themselves.

4. Video Doorbell

With a video doorbell, you can see who is at your door before you open it. This is especially important for homes with young children, who may not be able to identify a stranger. In addition, a video doorbell can also be used to deter burglars, as they don't know who is watching.

5. Medical Panic Alarm Button

For seniors, a medical panic alarm button can be a lifesaver. If a senior falls or has a medical emergency, they can press the button to immediately send an alert to the police or an ambulance. This is an important feature for seniors who live alone, as it allows them to get help even if they are unable to reach a phone.

These are just a few of the home security systems that can be beneficial for families with young children or seniors. Consult a home security company, such as FAIRFIELD ELECTRIC COOP INC, to discuss what combination of devices would work for your home.


12 September 2022

Protect Your Place of Worship

A couple of years ago, two men broke into three churches in my neighborhood one night. During their horrible escapade, they stole expensive cameras and musical instruments. They also committed thousands of dollars of vandalism damage at these three places of worship. After finding out about this unspeakable act, my whole community was shaken. Sadly, none of these churches had security systems on the night of this savage event. If you are the pastor of a place of worship, you should seriously consider installing a state-of-the-art security system at your church. On this blog, you will discover the best types of security systems to install at a place of worship.