Secondary Security: Additional Features That Will Make Your Security Cameras More Effective


Security cameras alone cannot stop a burglar--in fact, all most security cameras do is ensure that you'll be able to identify the burglar once they're caught. Security cameras need some additional features if they're going to be effective at actively and preemptively protecting your property.

Optical Zoom as Opposed to Digital Zoom

When you purchase security cameras, you'll often see that they come with a "digital zoom" of a certain amount or an "optical zoom" of a certain amount. You want a camera that has a high optical zoom, not a digital zoom. An optical zoom works via the camera's lens, capturing a larger image. A digital zoom can still zoom in, but it is just zooming in on an already captured image--so the resolution of the image is lower. In layman's terms, an optical zoom will increase the detail that you can see, but a digital zoom will not.

High Definition Monitors

For the purposes of catching criminals before they commit the crime, high definition screens are just as important as high definition cameras. Too often, businesses invest in their security cameras but keep their old black and white monitors in their security station. It's very difficult for anyone watching to make out what's going on, especially on a black and white screen. 

Night Vision Settings

It probably goes without saying that most crime occurs during the night. Night vision security cameras will greatly enhance the contrast and visibility of cameras while it is dark out, allowing you (or your security staff) to tell whether there's an intruder outside or simply a squirrel. Some cameras can switch between night vision and day settings on the fly, so that you can get a better idea of what is going on before you react.

Remote Controls

Finally, many wireless cameras today come with remote controls, both for computers and smartphone devices. Remote controls make it so that you can track and zoom from wherever you are, which can be much safer than going into a potentially dangerous situation blind. This will also help you get a better recording, should a crime actually be in progress.

A comprehensive security system often includes security cameras, burglar alarms, motion detectors and recording equipment--all of the things that you need to protect yourself. Many security systems today are extremely affordable and can be self-monitored or monitored by on-site staff, depending on your budget. Your local security alarm company can help you set something up that fits your property. 

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15 July 2015

Protect Your Place of Worship

A couple of years ago, two men broke into three churches in my neighborhood one night. During their horrible escapade, they stole expensive cameras and musical instruments. They also committed thousands of dollars of vandalism damage at these three places of worship. After finding out about this unspeakable act, my whole community was shaken. Sadly, none of these churches had security systems on the night of this savage event. If you are the pastor of a place of worship, you should seriously consider installing a state-of-the-art security system at your church. On this blog, you will discover the best types of security systems to install at a place of worship.