4 Tips For Troubleshooting Home Security Alarms


Whether you're new to owning an alarm system or you've had one for years, it can be jarring when the system starts operating in an odd manner. Your alarm system might start going off for seemingly no reason or the control panel might be making odd noises. Regardless, there are some troubleshooting steps you can take to correct the problem on your own.

Check Each Zone

When the alarm goes off, it's possible that the culprit could be an open window or door in one of your alarm's zones. Each zone is typically assigned a name or a number so that you can quickly identify where potential problems may exist. Look carefully at the control panel and identify which zone is causing the alarm to sound and then check all exterior doors and windows in that zone. If a door or window is older, it may bow or distort, which can cause trouble with the sensors.

Check the Battery

Alarm system control panels often tie into your home's electrical system and also have a backup battery. The backup battery may cause problems when it runs low. To check this, look in the alarm system manual to see if there is a specific message or code for the low battery alert. Some alarms only have an audible chirp or beep which sounds continuously until the battery is changed.

Re-enter the Code

You may have entered your alarm code 1,000 times, but you can still miss a key now and again. Often when the alarm goes off after you've entered your code, the culprit is a missed key or an accidental key press out of order. Try entering the code again, but go slowly this time, pressing each key individually while you look at the keypad.

Is it the Weather?

Severe weather can be enough to cause your alarm to sound when it really shouldn't. Heavy rain, wind, and thunder can rattle doors and windows, which may cause the sensors to lose contact with each other. When that happens, you really cannot correct anything. Instead you must simply wait out the worst of the storm. If this is more than just a once in a while problem, you may need to improve the insulation around your doors and windows to help secure the sensors more effectively.

If you are in need of a new alarm system for your home, call someone today who can assess your needs. You can have a security system in place in just a few short hours.

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2 July 2015

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